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Analysis field
Process Raman system
  Process control system    
    Polymerisation process control using Process Raman and FTIR.  
  Raman system from ultracompact to high-end use.  
    Control the process flow based on qualitative and quantitative
information (ppm/ppb).
  Microscope Laser Raman System
    Conformation analysis and qualitative analysis of small sample using microscope.
FT-IR (Fourier Transform infrared Spectrometer) Systems
  Portable FT-IR ・ High-end FT-IR
(High speed. High resolution. High sensitivity) Imaging FT-IR
  Development of special equipment for FT-IR and Microscope.
    The best accessories for Solid, Liquid and Gas samples.
Development of the cell for special usage under high temperature and high pressure.
  PIR fiber optic system for Mid -IR  
    Innovative polycrystal fiber optic system which can be used with Mid-IR
Pretreatment Systems for Analysis
  Oblique Cutting machine for Depth Analysis  
    Depth analysis for obtaining information about chemical composition and chemical
bonding at different depth.
  Micro sampling machine Axis Pro micro manipulator system
    Micro manipulator system designed to enable micro sampling of minute scales and
high-precision processing using mouse for easy use by anyone.
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